Posted on by James Spain

Welcome old and new friends.

Well 2024 has started with a charge(r) and we are just getting started. Closing out the old winter projects and bringing them into the Okanagan sunlight. The stablemate, the old girl the beast of a bitch our resident 442 has had some good winter loving and her curves are looking real smooth and tight. Her engine is ready to be transplanted back into position, the paint work will begin oh oh so soon and then the last hurdle, she is a big one like an end of level arcade boss level big, the assembly of putting her back together into one glorious fast as hell car the summer awaits the old girl reborn again into skids slides smoke and fat smiles. 

The bike shop has had another revamp, new members and new projects together to make a fucking huuuge year. Some big builds are already in progress, a clean and tidy FXRRRRRR is turning into a fast and smooth operator, running some new parts from Ghost MFG along with Archetype MFG risers and the prototype mid controls (yes you read that correctly) she is going to be a standout unit.

For the customers, you the people who support our efforts we are making it a better faster and as a bike shop should be, slightly dirty with the smells and the sound of wrenches and ratchets ratcheting away. 

We will be adding some retail, yep good threads and parts to grab while you visit or drop by for a beer. The good stuff, stuff you need and want, maybe a riser maybe a shirt or gloves even some oils cause you blew out your filter while doing some sick burnsouts and stunting in the back 40, we don't care as you look cool as shit. But if you need them oils we have it on the shelf. 

Also BIG plan.. the sales team are also in the works of providing ready to roll bike builds out the door and into the sunlight. Rides for you to come and part with your hard earned or stolen cash, we will will even take bars of gold and silver. Fresh tune, pipe maybe a paintjob to suit your style we will have you covered. We have a few of these sweet rides almost in our grasp ready handover and crack the throttle down highway 97, wind all around as the sound of 94 gasoline being turned into big beautiful sounds through the BC mountains.

So drop by and check it out, we will be hustling working nose to the grindstone lonely road days building banging a laughing.